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Day 1330 of 365 4 lyf. Still catching up… Almost there…. Had my second shoot with Christy today, and she brought her makeup artist, Alicia, to help out. Got some good stuff too. I’m so behind on editing shoots at this point it’s not even funny. 365 days Also on: Flickr iconFlickr



Trixie (MM#1534372) and I actually had our "Got Snow" set go up at Zivity a few days ago, but I never got around to putting samples up here. Well that certainly can’t continue. It was like 10 degrees that day, and she was in a bikini. The things we do for art.

If you don’t have a zivity account and want me to give you a trial invite, let me know, or just go over there to check them out now.


Day 825 of 365 Again. So, I got asked out on a date by Brigid the other day. She wanted to get together, have some wine and do a self-portrait together. Normally anybody would consider that a wonderful thing. The problem is Bree lives all the way out in Portland and I’m in Pittsburgh. That…