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Day 1122 of 365 Again. I’ve mentioned before that I’m addicted to DVDs. It seems like that’s kind of a safe addiction. I could be addicted to alcohol or cocaine or heroin or something. But DVDs have a problem over drug addiction. SPACE. Dvds take it up. The more you buy the less room you…



Day 685 of 365 More.

You know, I gave serious thought to quitting smoking today. I really did. In fact, I only had 3 cigarettes in my pack when I woke up this morning and i was like "well, that’s it. Today is the day. Just think of the money I’ll save."

Made those three last til after work. Had the last one at like 6.

I made it til like 11.

I just had to get my fix. It is so very sad.

Mike Tyson once said to Barbara Walters that he was on Zoloft for the world’s protection. "I take Zoloft to keep me from killing you." Truer words were never spoken. That Mike Tyson is a genius.

365 days


Day 154 of 365 days. Weird thing about the way we treat ourselves. I’ve been trying really hard to whip myself into shape. If I made a New Year’s resolution that’s probably it. I’ve been working out every day, trying to dump about 13 pounds (I’m down 8 since Jan. 1). I’ve also sort of…