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Day 722 of 365 More. The risks of professional wrestling. This is Shiima. Shiima was my long time partner in wrestling when we first started. Til he became a bastard and I was forced to turn on him. Anyway, he had a match tonight and got smacked in the head with a steel chair. Have…


Day 721 of 365 More. The media is trying to cover up my destroying of the sun. Trying to pretend like it never happened and that was just some run of the mill total solar eclipse. It could have happened whenever. BAH! We all know the truth. In reality I was completely successful. None of…


Day 720 of 365 More. Tomorrow morning, August 1st, 2008 CE, my 34th birthday, at approximately 10:18 Zulu Time, the sun will rise in Pittsburgh. It will be the last time. Oh my god, have I been waiting for this a long time. 34 straight weeks of hardcore labor, and now I am finished. Tomorrow,…


Day 719 of 365 More. You know, sometimes I just don’t feel like this whole "being a nice guy" thing is working out. Really, it doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere in life. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be good and nice and all. Evil is just starting to seem way more…


Day 718 of 365 More. A lot of people have been wondering where the 365 Days Podcast has been. Well, Stephen and I have both been busy with other projects and vacations and such, and essentially we just kind of ended up taking the month of July off, more or less. Well, we’re coming back.…


Day 717 of 365 More. And we’re back. The drive from New York or Pittsburgh is, well… long. Not as bad as the drive from Tennessee, but somehow it felt like it. I don’t know why, but I was really tired, so I ended up sleeping pretty much anytime Steph was driving (and vice versa)…


Day 716 of 365 More. Wedding Day bliss. So today Steph’s sister got married. Some backstory. Anu and Dana have been my friends for years. Anu going all the way back to my sophmore year of college. We even worked together for several years. Dana, I think I met my 5th year (out of six…


Day 715 of 365 More. Yay, Steph is back. She got in a little after 6, and had just enough time to shower before we went to the Mehndi (a traditional Indian before the wedding dinner kind of thing where the bride and her friends get henna tattoos). We spent the evening at the Mehndi…


Day 714 of 365 More. You know, when Steph left for DC I made a joke about showing me in the bachelor life, sitting around in my underwear and eating a TV dinner. I think this is better. Got to the hotel in New York. It’s quite nice. I love with hotels provide you with…


Day 713 of 365 More. This is totally gonna suck. Like way huge massive suck. I have to get up ass early in the morning tomorrow. I set the clock for 5:30, but I kinda think I should move it 15 min. earlier just in case. And it’s almost midnight and I’m not asleep yet.…



Day 712 of 365 More.

Today was the most modelriffic day in a long time.

First, I got mail in the middle of the day that my set with Sarah had gone live. This is something the two of us had been waiting for for several weeks. Go us. So if you’re a zivity member, please go on over and check it out.

After work, I got to work with a new model, Virginia, for the first time. Met her at a party the other day and she was impressed with my photography and wanted to try. I’m still behind on posting photos. Haven’t started the set with Steph and Mandie from the other day, but here’s a little teaser until I get to them.

Then I got a new episode of Cosmic Hellcats posted, which is of course based on models, so head over there to read that.

Then I fell asleep on my couch til 6am. Which has nothing to do with models or photography, but I need to note it to myself because I really need to stop doing that.

365 days



Day 711 of 365 More.

All the way back on Day 32 I mentioned that a place called La Feria was one of Steph and my favorite restaurants. They make Peruvian food. The price is reasonable and its really tasty.

One of the best things about it is the appetizer. Sweet Potato Chips. Nice, fresh, home made potato chips, made out of sweet potatoes. If you’ve never had them you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Tomorrow, Steph heads off to DC for a business trip and I won’t see her til Saturday when I meet up with her in New York for a wedding. It was definitely nice to have one last dinner together.

Bachelor days start tomorrow…maybe I’ll take a picture of me eating a TV dinner in my underwear. Won’t that be sexy?

365 days



Day 710 of 365 More.

I’ve been saying that I needed to work out more for weeks. But I’ve put it off. Now Jammy Jam is fast approaching and I feel like a disgusting slob. I was telling myself tonight that I had to work out but then I had a lot of comic strip stuff to do, and I’m going to have a hella busy week so I didn’t want to not do that.

But I needed to do a 365 for tonight too. So I combined. It wasn’t a big workout, maybe 10-15 min of weight lifting, but i figure it’s better than nothing.

Still, I really need to pick things up.

365 days



Day 709 of 365 More.

Another day, another fire.

Yesterday it was pyrotechnics, today it’s just a good old fashioned modern day barbecue.

Steph asked me to grill some chicken for dinner today, but I was working on Hellcats most of the day, so i didn’t get to it til late. I also decided to use the opportunity to show her how to build a proper barbecue fire. I don’t believe in gas grills. Proper BBQ involves charcoal, lighter fluid, and some good old fashioned flame. It also helps if you have a tasty homemade BBQ sauce to put on the meat. My sauce is famous, as is my flame. When it burns hot enough to light a self-portrait you know its a good temperature to cook some meat.

Wonder what I should burn tomorrow?

365 days