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April: Yoga

And some more photos from recent shoots. This one of April, who wanted to do a shoot showing off her newly found fitness and flexibility.  I actually did an extended shoot with April last weekend, but I decided to edit and post them in chunks by the different looks we shot.

Gretchen: Lolita

And now for something a little different. Gretchen has a thing for Lolita clothing styles, so I decided to embrace that and go all in for my photoshoot with her rather than in my normal style. It suddenly occurs to me that this may be the most Safe For Work thing that I’ve ever done. Also,…

Brooke: Tank

So now that I was uber heavy, political and sacrilegious and stuff with my last post, how about we go for  something totally lighter and whimsical for this one. Back when I shot those patriotic pics of Brooke, we decided to do a second set in a different outfit. Since the 4th of July is coming up,…

Photography is a lie; Get over it!

I keep seeing people post this story about how Pennsylvania governor, Tom Corbett has been “caught” photoshopping a black woman into his campaign photo. At first glance the photo is innocuous; there is Corbett standing amongst his legions of constituents, a man amongst the people, listening to their problems, doing what governors do! And right there…

Chaste: Fresh Start

I haven’t been taking many pics lately, but I needed to do some for the Cosmic Hellcats. Chaste told me that she hadn’t actually modeled for pics in years, so after we shot her Hellcat pics, we decided to throw together some fresh headshots and such for her. I think she did a great job.