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Sketch Card: Destruction

And now, the last of my Endless sketches requested by Joy and Bender… It took me a while to decide how to represent Destruction’s red hair in either pure black or pure white. The style fit the other Endless fine just because of their goth nature, but his decided anti-gothness made me kind of wand…

Sketch Card: Spider-Gwen

I’m pretty sure the only reason Link didn’t request Spider-Gwen back when Iw as taking sketch card requests was that she didn’t exist yet. But her costume is really fun, so I decided to draw her anyway. If anyone else has any requests let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Sketch Card: Raphael

Huh… I haven’t actually done a sketch card since September. I guess I’d been busy. Oh well. I felt like taking a break from working on grad school stuff and didn’t feel like drawing stuff for my comic, so I figured I’d get back to doing these periodically. I was in the middle of doing…

Figure Drawing

I used to be an art student. That was a long long time ago. That said, as a way to relax I’ve been trying to go to these open figure drawing nights with Max at Panza Gallery. Steph went with us today. I was actually reasonably ok with what I drew… at least at the…