The podcast is actually a little different from the movie reviews I do here. That is, we don’t really REVIEW movies per se (maybe we should start… I’ll have to think about it… two of us see WAY more movies than the other two) but we do talk about them in context of other issues. So it’s sort of an expansion of the non-review high criticism part of what I do here… but with people that aren’t just me.

As for seeing this movie without seeing Unbreakable. You’d UNDERSTAND it, but I can’t say you’d LIKE it. Glass sort of assumes a familiarity with the characters in order to get you to care about what happens to any of them. To say this without spoilers… You’ll see David (Bruce Willis’s character) and you’ll understand “ok, that guy is a superhero of a sort” and you’ll see that he has a son and you’ll say “dad and son love each other. I get that.” but this film doesn’t really explain why their relationship is important… at all… or even why David is a superhero… that’s all in the first movie. So you’ll get it because you know what dads are and you know what superheroes are… but I expect you’d just say “ok… so what?”

Same thing with David’s relationship with Mr. Glass (Jackson). And by the same token Casey and Kevin’s relationship (the characters from Split) isn’t really explained other than “ok, they know each other from the previous movie.”

So I feel like it wouldn’t be offensive or anything. But it would feel very hollow. I certainly wouldn’t go out in the cold to see it… especially without seeing the other films first (at least Unbreakable).

Honestly, you’d be better off just buying the older film on Amazon from one of the links in this post (yay kickbacks for me!) and enjoying it at home.