Did your parents had specific rules as to when it would be allowed for you?

What age or event (when you get married, when you move out) was the cut off?
– for girls: marriage
– for boys: “use a condom”

When was this (what decade)?
– 80s/90s

Did you follow said rules or just not care?
– Followed them until college, then stopped caring, but only after a religious crisis about sex-before-marraige. (Christian)

At what age did you decide that it really wasn’t their decision anyway (whether you acted on it or not)?
– 17
– “you mean, 17 if you’re in love, right, Chef?” “No. 17.”

If you have different-gendered siblings, were the rules different for them?
– Yes, see above.

If you have kids, I’m wondering the same basic questions that you have for your kids. And did you experience at that time cause you to be more or less strict about it?
– Our children learn(ed) about consent fairly early, will have access to condoms and are given very specific information about how to not run afoul of things that are legal issues like sleeping with your 17 year old partner when you are 18 or texting naked pictures of each other as teenagers.