I enjoyed it, but can’t disagree with your assessment. I felt the fates of some of the characters like Black Tom Cassidy and Shatterstar were a little bit of a waste, but they still made the impact for a fanboy like me that the movie seemed to be wanting to make. Really it was more the hidden actor cameos (using initials so as to not spoil, but BP and MD especially), that I enjoyed more than the comic book references. But yeah, this one was simply a Deadpool flavored version of a standard comic book action movie with a little extra humor and gratuitousness thrown in. Personally I can pass on the crassness, but I was aware that’s what I’d be getting with Deadpool (though I really could’ve done without that trailer for that puppet movie, that was way over the top for my personal tastes). And let’s be honest, Sugar Bear was the real star of all this anyway, I want to be Peter when I grow up.