I mean, Mikey’s beef is my beef, but also I think he’s maybe disregarding that for a lot of not comic book people are experiencing their first “comic book event”, they don’t pay attention to io9 and newsarama and cbr to know that Spider-Man 2 is coming or that Black Panther will return in Black Panther 2, etc. All they know is they saw on that screen, and something like “time travel retcon to set everything back to status quo” is an entirely foreign concept to their brain that they haven’t even considered was an option because they’re not expecting a film to play “fast and loose” with their emotional gut punches.

But, yes… for me, a Comic Nerd who has seen those articles and knows what movies have sequels and what actors are signed on, etc. kind of felt underwhelmed by those emotional gut punches because although a lot of it was very sad once they started killing major players who were starring in their own solo films, I knew that this wasn’t a “nothing will ever be the same” kind of event.

Then again… maybe by doing this it perfectly reflects the modern “comic book event” by getting its legs cut out from underneath by marketing announcements of what we can expect 6 months down the road when “dead character who just died returns in a 6 issue mini-series/crossover extravaganza!”