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Mavademics: The Sectarian Review podcast – Black Panther edition

In the name of continuing to pimp out my media whore appearances (I like that phrasing, I wonder if I can just add “media whore” to my CV), I figured I should mention that I did another podcast appearance this week which went up this morning. This time I’m a guest on Danny Anderson’s The Sectarian Review. Danny invited me on to discuss the politics depicted in the new Black Panther movie and their intersection with racial representation. It was a great conversation and one that probably could have gone on for 8 more hours. Thanks to Danny for inviting me on and I look forward to doing it again sometime soon. In the meantime, you should check it out. And once again, I managed to do the whole damn thing without fucking swearing once and shit.

Once again, this reminds me that I should really get up to speed on doing my own podcast. So you know, like I said last time, if you’re interested in being a guest let me know, and if you’re interested in just hearing me talk about random pop culture shit, feel free to harass me (and Wayne and Katya) about actually getting off of my ass and making it happen (Thanks to Marcel for taking me on that request last time). Alternatively, I guess I could just be a guest on other people’s shows every week and then not have to do any actual leg work… I do enjoy doing it so you know, you know if you have one of those and want me to appear let me know. I like the idea of being a talking head… though again, I prefer the term “media whore.” Bonus points if you pay millions of dollars.

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