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It was a good day… keyword: WAS

Goddammit!!! Why am I not allowed to have good days? Seriously, why?

I was actually all excited today. Had the day off from work so I was running some errands. While I was out shopping I got email letting me know that the paper I wrote for PCA/ACA 2016 about Harley Quinn and hypersexualization in comic book characters has been accepted for publication in an edited collection I was trying to get it into on “sexuality and mental illness in comic books. I mean, perfect right? If a book is going to be about mental illness, sexuality and comic books, Harley seems like the perfect choice right? Well, I was hoping so and apparently the editors thought so too, because they chose me. I happened to be looking up a price comparison on my iPhone while I was at Best Buy when I got the email notification, so I saw it right on my phone. Called Stephanie to let her know. Was in a super good mood. It was a good day!


So driving home from the store, about 2 miles from my house, some genius decides that she was going to dart out onto the highway from a parking lot across two lanes of traffic. In the middle of the block. I saw her edging out and was watching for her and then the second she accelerated I slammed on my brakes. Too late. Tried to swerve a bit, but since she was turning all the way out into the middle lane, it wasn’t enough. Slammed into her as she was turning, smashing in the passenger side front of my SUV, and completely disabling it. Her car is still drivable (of course) and so she pulled over into the next parking lot, while I was sitting in traffic still, and then immediately starting yelling at me about how I was in the wrong because she was “in the turning lane.” I have no idea what the fuck she was talking about… they don’t have “turning lanes” in parking lots. Called 911. Called for a tow truck. Called my mechanic. Called Steph (again) to have her pick me up at the mechanic. Called insurance.

So I waited for the police and did the police report. They claim “well, you know, we can’t really assess blame, could be anyone’s fault. It’s just good that everyone is ok.” And, yes… I’m fine…  But my car is now at my mechanic waiting for the insurance assessment, hoping that they don’t decide that it’s totaled, because I really don’t need to be making car payments while I’m still in a grad student and don’t have a grownup job right now, and I am in an absolutely shitty mood on what should have been a really good day.

Someone bring me alcohol and sex and a giant ass Harley Quinn mallet! And seriously… given the paper topic, I would have asked for all three of those things even if the day had stayed good…  but now I really want them. So yeah, if you’re coming over for a drunken mallet orgy, then someone also bring me a new car.



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