yeah… I mean it’s demonstrably false. But it’s an idea that has gained traction. But it’s not really useful beyond trying to privilege through semantic segregation. There’s obviously a problem with the statements “death to all whites” or “death to all men.” So if someone were to say those things, they’ve be being actively racist/sexist. Trying to edge them out on a technicality of some semantic purity that [race/sex]ism can only be institutional and systemic is no better than trying to edge out the white guy who says constant racist things but says it’s ok because he “doesn’t see color and therefore only has good intentions”

I’m not going to say there’s an equivalency. One problem is certainly far greater and more common than the other. But you can’t play by the rules of science and then replace them with rellgious fervor and platitudes when it suits you and not expect the other side to do the same thing.