Shane Taylor: that’s actually kind of sad. Like I really DIDN’T want people to be mad at him. The reason I kept warning him was that I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and be like “dude, you are not coming off well here. You are being super racially offensive, and I’m trying to assume you don’t want that” But the fact that he doubled down on it and tried over and over again to basically say “no, you shut up… you don’t know racism I know racism and you’re the real racist” and then to misquote MLK repeatedly to justify systemic oppression… to the point of literally claiming that he knew more about MLK’s motivations than the man’s ACTUAL DAUGHTER. That was just some crazy shit!

And that’s like the public stuff… on my posts…. that doesn’t even begin to touch the random shit that he’s texted me over the last three months because for some reason i’m in his life so much that it’s really important to prove to me specifically that racism doesn’t exist.