not exactly… Or less so. So this is a weird movie because it’s not totally clear where Snyder ends and Whedon begins.

So like Wonder Woman had this thing happening where Jenkins was being herself but also very clearly trying to tonally connect with Snyder (probably by producer mandate) and it was certainly noticeable.

Here we have (what I assume is) Whedon trying to correct some of the less popular Snyderisms and a clear attempt to connect to some of the more popular visual aesthetics of Jenkins.

It doesn’t come across as schizophrenic as it sounds. It actually meshes together in a way that feels… “very comic booky”. In fact, it feels more comic booky than most Marvel movies. The best way I can describe it is “what if there was a natural evolution of the Batman 66 aesthetic over the last 50 years… you’d have this.” Sort of like Schumaker was trying to do in his films.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It won’t be for everyone. But it’s a cohesive and interesting look.

LIke, it doesn’t look “real.” Nolan did everything he could to say “this is Batman in “the real world” and it felt like Snyder was trying to do that same sort of thing with his other DC films (though not in a way that worked). This feels more like “what if comics WERE the real world” which is… different.