That’s a complicated question. There’s two ways to look at it. Evaluating the films in their own context and evaluating them overall.

The reeves Superman movies get a sort of “pass” in that they really were a massive achievement. Nothing like them had ever been done before. Obviously they don’t totally hold up. I enjoy them and i like them better than BvS. But they’re not GREAT. In fact they’re probably on par with this in a vacuum. The first two are maybe a little better. Wonder Woman is better than either. They don’t even come close to Logan or Dark Knight.

The Keaton Batman movies are better than Superman. Or at least hold up better. But probably are still middle of the road against the whole genre. Wonder Woman is still a little better.

But innovation matters. If I have to choose just ONE superhero movie to watch ever again in my life I wouldn’t pick Keaton or Reeves.