Right…. It was an IMPORTANT film. But it was not a perfect one.

I got into an argument with people who were saying that it was a shoe in for a couple Oscars, Definitely Best Picture! I said maybe it gets nominated for BP just because of popularity, but it won’t win. It’s not even the best superhero movie of the year (Logan was and still is). Then they started talking about “well, it won’t win BP just because the academy hate comics and are unfair, but she should definitely win best actress because Heath Ledger won for the Joker” And I said she won’t even get the best actress nomination. And people got mad at me. Called me sexist. Which I still don’t get. All the actresses getting nominated there are women… cuz that’s the award.

Wonder Woman was fine. It was enjoyable. It is the best superhero movie starring a woman ever…. out of the 4 that exist. But it’s may not even be in my top ten films of the year anymore. It’s just that most people don’t watch many movies.