Arguing ideology is a waste of time. Lou, some…not all, but some of those voices screaming “stand and respect our flag” think you’re crap for marrying a bi-racial woman and wouldn’t piss on her or your 1/4 black children if they were on fire. Some of that fraction of voices would go so far as to toss gasoline on them.

Whatever you feel about MLK, know that you are disrespecting your children’s current and future struggles, your wife’s past, current and future struggles, and the half of her family which is 100% black.
I’ve known Chris Maverick a long, long time so I can safely say that this thread is as close to an emotional appeal that he is willing to make. So I’ll do it: you seem like the type of person who would never tell their kid to back down from a fight. THIS is their fight. You might not believe in that “one drop” rule, but a lot of people in this country still do. Would you really want your kids standing up to respect a flag flying in honor of their inherent inferiority or would you rather they kneel in remembrance of those who died trying to prove they were not?
It is that fucking simple.