Lou Marconi except you’re wrong. The idea that the protest is ineffective is incorrect. I explained in detail in the other post exactly why it’s incorrect. Your theory is that “but the NFL is losing money so it isn’t working”. Except that’s actually more proof that it is working. Protests aren’t supposed to magically change anyone’s mind. That’s not how people work. Instead what they do is force civic discord. They piss off people like you so that slowly and over time institutional change occurs in order to bring about a solution. As long as you stay pissed off enough to “take your money elsewhere” the protest accomplished what it’s supposed to. And even better as long as people are complaining about the protestors and amplifying their voices even better.

Civic discord is slow. It takes a long time. Changes are gradual. People die. Usually the people who are protesting. That’s how it works and that’s why it is important.

No one wants to obligate you to do anything. Frankly your being on the other side is far more useful. It makes you a better tool for the protest system.

But on a personal level… again… and this has nothing to do with the protest… if you don’t want people to think you’re a racist, stop saying that you are honoring what MLK fought for. You’re not. You don’t have to. But you’re not. I’m telling you… you don’t understand what you’re saying… you don’t know enough of the details… and every time you say it, it makes you seem more racist.