Except I’m not spinning it. This was EXACTLY the dream he envisioned. That was my point. He like literally gave instructions in speeches asking for EXACTLY this kind of protest. My entire point is that you are misunderstanding what his message is. It’s entirely possible that you just don’t like Martin Luther King… the actual Martin Luther King, that is… not the idea of him that you have in your head… but the actual things that he stood for.

Similarly, I’m saying that the ideas that you have about the the flag, and reverence for it, are actually far closer to the Confederate or Colonial ideology (or if your want to get modern, something from say North Korea or Iran) than they are to the actual American ideology that you are claiming to represent.

History matters. You are welcome to believe what you want to believe. But the “evidence” you’re using to support your beliefs is just wrong. It just is. And you can insult me for being smart and a snowflake all you want (I never understood that insult… you get that you’re literally saying “you’re wrong because you’re smart, right?”) but the actual things I’m saying are just true… they’re not debatable… they’re not my opinions. They’re facts that I have based my opinions on. Your opinions don’t have to match mine. But you can’t “prove you know better” by misexplaining facts that you don’t seem to understand.

I get that you don’t like being called something that you aren’t. Or that you feel you aren’t. But that is sort of the point here. I don’t like being forced to stand for a national anthem that celebrates not giving refuge to fleeing slaves (Yes, this is ACTUALLY IN THE FUCKING LYRICS… we just usually skip that verse). Moreover, I don’t appreciate being told that I HAVE TO STAND for a song that literally is about having the freedom to do whatever I want including not standing for it. And I don’t like being told that I am doing something wrong, by refusing to show reverence to a symbol that supposedly supports the ideas that all people are equal and free when there are people who aren’t… and while even acknowledging those people by saying “wait, what about the people getting shot at… shouldn’t we not be patting ourselves on the fucking back for being the greatest country ever, when a bunch of people are being shot by our policemen just because of the color of their skin” yields the retort of “stop disrespecting the white people who have given you that freedom and stand up because we white people decided that it is important for you to do so!”

So really… I’m sorry that it makes you feel bad that I don’t think you’re as wonderful and racially tolerant as you think you are just because you happen to be married to someone who is half black… That must be really hard for you. To be called a name like that…

But again… I want you to go back and REREAD everything I said… I said several times “I don’t think Lou means it like this.” and then I said “Lou, please don’t try and use MLK to support your views here because you’re going to come off sounding really fucking racist. Pretty please… trust me on this. Don’t try. It’s not going to work out for you.”

But you didn’t listen. Instead you doubled down and then to prove that you were more racially sensitive than everyone else because “you happen to be related to some black people by marriage” you went out and found maybe the one quote of King’s that MOST SAYS ***YOU*** ARE WRONG and called us idiots for not understanding it. No one spun it… That’s what you did.

Now, knowing all of that… understanding all of that… understanding everything I told you about the actual history of the flag… of the anthem… of MLKjr…. throwing in that the idea of players standing for the national anthem didn’t even start til 2009, AS A COMMERICAL and not some grand tradition that you have imagined it as. Understanding that the act of kneeling is actually specifically a militarily endorse sign of respect and reverence that was chosen specifically because it was thought out rather than just something that people do because they think there are supposed til. I still say you are welcome to do whatever you want… you can stand, you can sit, you can go to the bathroom… You can believe whatever you want. BUT tell me exactly what evidence you are using to support the idea that you have some sort of moral superiority over the people who disagree with you… and how you show that by telling them they are wrong to disagree with you over the basic premise of “hey, we would like for everyone to be equal.”