So in all seriousness here, Lou is basically advertising what I was talking about. The problem with wars on symbols (in either direction) is that it *feels* like you’ve won, once the other people abandon the symbol. Lou thinks what he is saying is right. Because like I said, everyone thinks what they believe is right. And he’s not even trying to be a “bad guy.” He’s trying to say “why are you disrespecting people by disrespecting this great symbol that they stood for.” Except King didn’t actually stand for a symbol. He was supporting an ideology… specifically the ideology that the “American Dream” didn’t include people of color, who he saw as at risk because of the inherently racist institutions that were in power in the country.

Today, King has become a symbol of racial tolerance. Because the actual man is more or less forgotten in favor of a simplified cartoon of who he was. Since Lou supports the cartoon, he feels like he is in the moral right. He feels like “of course, King would have been against this. He was a great and proud American, like me. And I am against this because I believe in America, so he would have been too.”

Except King was not a proud American. Not in his time by the standards that America judged such things. In fact, he was quite the opposite. He was more or less considered a terrorist and was at the top of the FBI watch list. Right now he’s basically famous for being the name of a street and a reason to have a mattress sale in January. That, and being shot to death. But, as Brenadine pointed out, what he was actually famous for, at the time, was running divisive protests in the name of social change. He was all about civil disobedience. “Making a stand” by engaging in non-violent disruptive behavior that really pissed off white people. Literally, it was his whole gimmick.

And part of that gimmick, was showing reverence for the cause by taking a knee and bowing his head. In fact, he did so right before his Selma courthouse march in 1965, as this picture posted by HIS OWN DAUGHTER shows…. which she used to point out that HER FATHER (who I’m going to go out on a limb and say she knows better than me or Lou) would have been on the side of the protestors here…

But you know… he does have a meme.