Ok…. so as Brenadine pointed out, I was being SUPER nice up until this point. Really I was. That’s actually kinda uncharacteristic of me. As I pointed out about myself in the actual article I actually norally delight in being an asshole. But instead, I was really nice and said to you that I was even trying to help. I welcomed you to disagree with me and said just be careful of how you sound on one specific point… that is, trying to use MLK to explain how you are more racially evolved than a black person… not me… any black person… because as I pointed out, when you do it, it inevitably comes across as you being a HUGE FUCKING RACIST. I have you the benefit of the doubt. I said you probably don’t mean it that way… and said to please please please be careful.

Your response was to call me an “idiot.” And then to double down by once again doing the one thing that the I was trying to warn you about. SO…. lets do this.

The idiot in this case (you know, me), certainly invites you to share your opinions here and participate in the discussion. That’s specifically why the idiot posts all of these things publicly. That said, please understand that the idiot is about two seconds away from getting a PhD focusing on discussing the very constructions of identity through popular culture that you are trying to argue with him about. The idiot is in fact, by definition, one of the smartest people on the fucking planet when it come to this specific area. That is why the idiot focuses on such things on his blog.

The idiot is also very well read on Martin Luther King Jr. As he tried to inform you of. So much so, that he is aware of the quote that you are referencing. Not only is the idiot aware. The idiot knows, as Stephanie just pointed out to you, that the word “stand” being used in this case doesn’t mean what you think it means. He is not saying to literally stand up, on your feet for anything. Instead, what he means is to metaphorically stand with THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO ARE PROTESTING BECAUSE THEIR LIVES ARE AT RISK.

The idiot is in fact aware of more of the quote than you were able to find in a meme with the most unflattering coon pic of MLK in a straw hat. It goes on to say:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others. In dangerous valleys and hazardous pathways, he will lift some bruised and beaten brother to a higher and more noble life.”

It’s from a sermon, reprinted in the book Strength to Love(1963), where he is specifically asking for people to make the unpopular choice choice and risk their own finances, safety, careers and livelihoods to stand up for racial injustice. He is literally specifically asking for people to be Colin Kaepernick.

You’re welcome to quote him. You’re welcome to like him. You’re welcome to not like him. But the point is you don’t know the first fucking thing about what you’re talking about. You’re literally using quotes from a guy who disagrees with you, in a speech where he was talking about how he disagrees with you and asking for people to do the exact opposite of what you’re talking about… to prove that you are less racist than a black man who studies cultures for a living.

I mean, I’m an idiot… but I check my fucking sources.