Except I’m not… I’m neither losing the argument and that is not what is being discussed. That’s the small piece of the argument you are discussing.

1) Protests are specifically designed to be bad for business. They’re bad for the economy. They’re disruptive. I explained it in the other article that I linked to. Sociologically… you’re on the wrong side here…. You just are. I’m not talking about morally… you can believe what you want to believe… the fact that I disagree with you is immaterial. At least for this point. Your understanding of how protests work from a human sciences point of view is just wrong. Period.

2) Historically you are wrong as well. You are NOT honoring King. You are honoring your idea of what King should have stood for. Not what he actually did. Here, what’s important is that you are missing out on a lot of history and context. I’m not saying you SHOULD honor him, btw. I’m just saying that you’re not right. That’s why Sam Greenfield linked you to the Birmingham letter above. MLKjr specifically says that you’re wrong on this case. Unambiguously and in detail. I can’t stress this enough. Your base premise you are working with here is flawed.

3) You are correct. Consumers are not obligated to agree with a protest. In fact, they often don’t. Which, again… is why protests work. THey’re disruptive. The entire point is to break the system to inspire change. They’re not supposed to be fast. They reason its working is that so many people DO disagree with me and agree with you. Again, cultural theory is complex.

4) you’re still doing what I wrote about before. Your constant claims that you are better honoring MLKjr than I am don’t work. First because clearly I have a better understanding of the history behind him than you do. But more importantly, (and maybe even unfairly) I’m a black guy and you’re a white guy. There is never, in any circumstance, a place where it’s going to not sound racist if you try the tactic you’re trying here. Literally, if I say “The sky is green and pigs fly” and you come back with “MLKjr said the sky is blue and pigs can’t fly.” I’m STILL going to look right because people are going to say “wow, that sounds pretty racist.” Don’t take this path. Don’t fall into this trap. Seriously, I’m not trying to be mean here. Even though I disagree with you, Im trying to help you on this one very important case. I don’t know you well, but we’ve met a couple times and you were nothing but nice… and I’m saying, with peace and love, “Dude, the tactic you’re trying comes off as REALLY REALLY racist.”

5) I don’t think you’ve read this original post very closely, and you almost certainly didn’t read the other one. http://www.chrismaverick.com/wp/2017/08/15/the-lie-of-the-anthem-and-the-flag/ The reason the protest matters is because you are more disgusted by it than you are by the point that the protestors are trying to prove. Kneeling is really the most respectful way that point can be put across. In fact, the entire reason Kaepernic started kneeling instead of sitting (what he was originally doing) was that a vet explained to him that it was a better way of showing reverence for the soldiers so that it was clear he wasn’t disrespecting them but was instead making a stance about the ideology. It was really well thought through. The point of the protest (as I explain in the other blog) is to say “look, the country that you are supporting here with this song, stands for an ideology that we CANNOT support because it is not applying to a large segment of the population that you are pretending it does.” The point I am making here is that you are in effect asking slaves to salute the Confederate Flag and stand for the singing of Dixie. I get that you believe you are supporting the troops. And really. Good for you. But the idea of attempting to force someone who does NOT agree to show reverence anyway while ignoring their pleas for attention to the reason that ideology has failed them, is far more disrespectful to the IDEALS that the “fallen heroes” died for than the act of kneeling is. This is why I referenced my uncle Roger here, and why I referenced my grandfather in the other post. I’m trying to put a human and VETERAN face to the plight of what the kneeling protest stands for. The idea that a black man can say “look, the american dream is not working for us. People are dying” and the basic response is a bunch of white people saying “stand up, boy… don’t you see how lucky you are?!?!”

6) finally, PLEASE reread point 4. If you agree with nothing I’ve said… that’s honestly fine… but seriously… point 4 is SUPER IMPORTANT for you here. That’s the one thing that I really really really hope you get out of this… for your own sake.