Lou, this is absolutely wrong. Like on so many many many levels.

First off, Shane is absolutely right. MLKjr was KILLED for what he believed in. People forget that part.

Second, That’s NOT why we stand at the national anthem. And it isn’t why it is played at football games. That’s something that people believe. But it’s not true.

Third, the idea of standing or kneeling for the national anthem means something entirely different from what you think. Clearly. I wrote about it in a lot more detail here. http://www.chrismaverick.com/wp/2017/08/15/the-lie-of-the-anthem-and-the-flag/ Which I really really really encourage you o read. It sort of explains, as best I can, why the idea of what you are standing for does NOT apply to everyone.

Fourth, Brenadine is right, Despite the cartoon character of version of MLK people like to believe in today, that’s not who he actually was. He was a political and civil dissident. He was all about protest. He was all about civil disobedience. He got thrown in jail for it. Ultimately, he got shot for it.

Fifth, and this is probably most important, because really… I’m trying really hard to help you here., Lou…. few things in the world make a white man seem ore racist than telling a black man that “you shouldn’t do that, because Dr. King wouldn’t approve.” Seriously…. it doesn’t sound good… even if you were right (and you’re not this time) I would recommend avoiding that as a tactic in the future.