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Mavademics: Batman Graphic Sanity Check

Ok, so I just spent waaaaaay too much time designing an infographic for a SINGLE slide of the presentation I am doing this weekend. Like, literally, I just meant to throw something together and then I went overboard. So now that I have, I’m wondering does it even make sense. I’m sure it will with explanation, but without context will it.

So… I’m asking… With zero context (except I guess the name of this post), what do you think is going on here? I expect there will be vastly differing amounts of familiarity with the concepts subject matter that is covered in the image — comics, literary theory, and quantum mechanics — and in fact quite probably no one that has a good working knowledge of all of it. So that’s why I’m really curious what people get out of this when they look at it. Feel free to describe as in depth as you want to. Seriously, all interpretations welcome. I need to know how confusing this is.

Also, is it weird to try and fit comics, literary theory and quantum mechanics all into one talk?


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    Derrill Holly
    October 19, 2017 at 10:42 am

    Depicts Batman/Bruce Wayne as a multidimensional complex character. It covers everything from his vague commitment to justice (in the beginning) to his dark and sinister role as an instrument of retribution and touches upon his the strange and displaced famililial ventures that occur in his story lines a few times each decade. Then there are the homages to the merchandising that at least make non-comics readers (girls) somewhat familiar with who Batman is. I think what is missing (or at least not blatant in the images used is Batman as the womanizing playboy hound who turns out good girls (young Barbara (?) Gordon chick) and various bad girls of crime.

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