Link: he didn’t really give anything interesting about Deckard. He provided no more function that could have been accomplished with K going through a list of old files. The scene was designed to give Olmos a reason to appear in the film so as to connect it to the original film. It’s a break in focus.

Here’s the best way to think of it. Assume this was a new film. Not a sequel at all. And honestly, for the most part this does a good job of being a new film. Almost everything you need to know is in it. That scene makes no sense in a new film. It is pure exposition that takes away from the skill of the protagonist (K). If you have never seen the first part it’s one of the few things in the entire movie where you’d go “who the fuck is that guy and why do I care?” So it’s done in the name of fan service rather than storytelling, and it shows.

Manuel: That’s what I meant in the reviews by saying that in the third act the B plot (Deckard) overtakes the A plot (K). I understand why they did both, and as I said, I think this did a much better job of integration than most franchise sequel/reboots. But it still left me feeling unbalanced because by that part (2 hours into the movie) I was completely invested in K’s story and really didn’t care as much about “oh, let me resist some stuff from that other movie…” I’d rather the time have been devoted to Joi, Luv, Joshi, or Ana…. Even Wallace (who I was least interested in because I found him annoying… he was too much of Leto just trying to chew scenery rather than telling a story). It’s not that I didn’t like seeing Deckard. That was the hardest Ford has tried in a movie in years (including Force Awakens). But he did take over the film from stuff I was more interested in.