But I don’t need evidence to convince me there can be a problem of sexual assault not being taken seriously. That doesn’t settle the difficult question — how do you design a system for dealing with it? What weight must be given to the competing interest in preserving rights of the accused? As one person formulated in an idealized way: for what value of N would you say “better that n students guilty of sexual assault remain at the university, with no discipline imposed, than one innocent student be expelled or otherwise disciplined?”

That strikes me as a very hard question, on which reasonable people may differ. In fact, my biggest reason for pessimism about DeVos’ plan is simply that I don’t think there is a good solution to be found.

On “overcorrection”, I would recommend the writings of Emily Yoffe, in part because as far as I can tell she is no right wing ideologue with an anti-Obama axe to grind. She has a 3-part series in the Atlantic starting with this one: