Since you’re into anecdotal evidence, here’s a recent case showing sexual harassment allegations not being taken seriously by the university. I only found out about this case from a vague email from the department head about sexual harassment at UoR’s BaCS dept (and had to do some online searching). The right wing is generally much better at being vocal and propagandizing their particular point. I bet you there’s been a widespread effort to uncover any potentially controversial title ix related cases by the right. If Devos actually conducts an impartial investigation into this and finds that there are more cases of over-correcting for accusers than for the accused, then I’m on board and will cheer her on. However, as Mav has said, she seems to have drawn her conclusions (referring to anecdotal evidence, some of which is very, very dubious, including the USC case) before gathering evidence (i.e., she’s being political rather than objective).

As for BLM, it may have started out as anecdotal, but (at least from what I’ve seen) quickly branched out to looking at overall trends, such as comparing overall deaths by police by race.

This case below seems pretty solidly pro-accused: