I agree that she presented an arguable position. However, she then failed miserably to actually support her position with relevant evidence. In fact, if she did anything with that speech, she harmed the position (which annoys me greatly, since I agree with the position).

The WTF-worthy action was taking a legitimate talking point and using it as nothing more than a sound-bite to fire up the base AND doing so in such a way that created the very reasonable perception that she was supporting rapists (perception matters, darnit).

I support the position she presented, but don’t consider her an ally in any way, because she said absolutely nothing to convince me that she understands the topic any more deeply than “Obama did something, so I am doing the opposite.” At this point, since she completely failed to provide concrete reason for her decision, I am pretty much assuming it falls into the pattern of basically all of her decisions (If something increases the power of government over education and harms private education in any way, she is opposed).