Except those people are doing he same thing that you are. That’s why they’re cautiously optimistic. She didn’t actually say any of the stuff they want.

What she said was that rape and assault are bad (I agree)

Then she said and here are a bunch of problems caused by the “rule by letter” of the Obama administration.

Only the problems she mentioned weren’t caused by it. It was a bunch of false equivocations. That’s why I made the cobol example. Those things may or may not be true. But there’s no linkage.

The reason Gerson is wrong is because she’s speculating that now Devos will do the right thing and implement policies with the input of the community… which I agree with her… is how it should work.

Except that’s not Devos said. What she said was we need to overturn the letter and do something different. She’s doing the equivalent of “repeal and replace Obamacare” and with the same problem. That should never be the goal. The goal should be “fix problems”.

Again, Devos is not a politician. She doesn’t need to announce anything. She can’t be elected so it doesn’t matter. If she were serious about doing what Devos is talking about then what you do is announce a committee to be formed to look into sexual assault on college campuses. Then you ask for input. You build policy. Then you announce policy.

But when you’re doing that, at no point do you ever worry about “overturning the mistakes of the past administration.” Because you never know. You might want part of it.

To look at the past administration. That DoE implemented Obama’s signature education plan. It’s called “race to the top”. And it was built the exact way I described. Research and implementation. It certainly did not start with a speech of “and we need to get rid of no child left behind because Bush was a poopy head” and that’s good because IT’S BUILT ON TOP OF NCLB. They kept what they liked and improved on it. And NCLB was built the same way over Clinton policy.

Because that’s how it works. Which Devos would know if she had any idea how to do her job.