Sorry, I don’t see it this way at all. That is, I see no evidence that DeVos is some complete incompetent coming in to make policy on stuff she doesn’t really understand with this.

I would certainly expect she is informed by right-wing sources, among which her view is pretty standard (check National Review after her speech for example). So you could say she has imbibed a certain party line, drank a particular flavor of kool-aid, in taking this particuar view of the weight of the anecdotes. But as far as I can tell she has come to understand the issue, in the way a cabinet secretary — a kind of executive, not a technical specialist — normally does.

And as I’ve tried to point out, you can find this view taken by lots of other non-right-wingers as well (I would start with Emily Yoffe who has a more recent piece in the Atlantic). For example the Washington Post editorial board applauded her remarks. And I would never mean that to be telling of anything about the *merits* of the view. It’s more in support of a kind of meta point– to me, her position is a very standard, widely shared, one, of course by conservatives especially, but also by many more liberal sources one could cite. I’ve been hearing this complaint about the results of Title IX for some time.

So I just can’t see anything meriting “WTF” about it in the least. Sure her actual speech may include lots of political persuasion which does not constitute rigorous argument. Duh. That’s the way these things go.