or not allowed lawyers…. really there are lots reasons to NOT have the lawyers too. It could go either way. But really, the point is, Devos shouldn’t be citing anecdotal data anyway. That’s not how her job work.

In any case, the SUNY student was failed by the system not because o Title IX, but because those implementing the system failed her at every turn. She went to the police and that should have short circuited everything right there. The police are outside the purview of Title IX. They told her she had no case because she didn’t scream loud enough. But that’s not how rape works. That was a bad cop. SUNY sounds like they have a poor implementation of the disciplinary action committee. THat’s not Title IX being broken. That’s SUNY being crappy. That is under Devos’s control. Her job is to make them fix it.

Again… she’s not a politician.