And as usual, when we even partially agree on a topic, you just push it well beyond reason. DeVos has done nothing to engender even the slightest faith that she will make good decisions regarding education policy.

She is completely on the side of any organization that is for-profit, at the expense of students. Her most recent action was to dismantle a whole bunch of rules that protect students from predatory lenders and to refuse to work with the one government organization that actually has the necessary tools to prevent illegal loan practices.

She supports charter schools not because there is evidence that they are superior to public schools, but simply because she automatically supports private endeavor over public. The fact that, even in the most generous studies, charter schools only barely perform better than public schools doesn’t concern her, despite the fact that charter schools get to pick and choose their students while public schools have to take all students.

Any faith in her is not earned by any action she has taken before or after becoming Education Secretary.