“And I addressed that a while ago. I said that i Obama’s changes were simply “all allegations must be reported” your issue largely goes away.

meaning allegations brought to the university must be reported to legal authorities.”

Except both statements here are factually incorrect. I am assuming you haven’t had time to read the Dear Colleague letter. I can’t blame you. It is long and cumbersome. I’ve read a good chunk of it since your wife was kind enough to link to it. I haven’t read all of it, but I have read the sections that cover these two statements.

Obama’s changes were a lot more intrusive than just requiring allegations be reported. The letter explicitly requires an investigation, explicitly requires that it is not put off until after a trial, explicitly prevents cross-examination of accused and accuser, explicitly prevents revelation of identity of accuser (when possible), explicitly allows lawyers to be banned from the proceedings, and explicitly requires the “preponderance of evidence standard.”

Furthermore, the letter explicitly states that allegations must NOT be reported to legal authorities if the complainant doesn’t want them to be reported.

Those are undeniable facts based on the Dear Colleague letter.