But I’m not…. I’m saying what you are arguing ISN’T what Devos is doing. I’m saying Obama’s changes were BECAUSE of the discouragement. That was a problem. You agree. I’m saying her solution is “get rid of his changes” which doesn’t actually fix the problems you are arguing. It just undoes his.

As for the issue of interference. Again, you’re assuming that the legal proceeding and the university one are related. They’re not. You don’t have a constitutional right to attend my school. I can absolutely compel you to behave by my rules.

Here’s an example that might make sense. My university is ANTI-condom. By living at Duquesne, students run the risk of having their dorm rooms searched at any time and fined if condoms are found. I am 100% against this. I find it outrageous, abhorrent and damaging on SO many levels.

However, it does NOT violate 4th Amendment protections. Because you don’t have a RIGHT to live at or attend Duquesne. So say you are under criminal suspicion for a crime… I dunno… selling heroin. The authorities don’t have enough evidence for a warrant yet. And thank god… because you have 1000 kilos of heroin under your bed. As the university I can still search your room just because I think you might maybe have condoms. Cuz that’s against our rules.

Its just a different thing.

Again, my school is 100% in the wrong here. I don’t agree with the policy in any way shape or form. But its still a different standard than the criminal one.

I for one really wish the DoE made a regulation that said students 100% had the right to own condoms. I’m also 100% behind the DoE making regulations that say “the university can search a student dormitory under these ten and only these ten circumstances.” And those rules DON’T have to be the same as the ones for granting warrants. Because criminality and “rights as a member of the institution” are just different things.