Not really. Because guilt or innocence is not the purview of the university.

Take rape out of it. We have rules as a university. One of our biggest rules is “academic integrity” which for the layman mostly means “we’re against plagiarism.”

So say you turn in a paper on Shakespeare for my class. I figure out that your paper is really just entirely cribbed from the cliffs notes for hamlet. I turn you over for investigation. The university looks and says “yep, he cheated” and you get expelled.

Now at the same time the cliffs notes people might also sue you for copyright violation. And that’s a complete and separate legal investigation. Maybe you go down for it. Or maybe the court finds that you changed enough to not technically be IP theft. As a university we don’t care. Like at all. You’re still expelled. Because you violated OUR terms.

We have rules about everything. Cheating. Theft. Assault. Even speech. And certainly rape. Our ability, responsibility, or ignorance of any of these things doesn’t affect the state’s pursuance of the rule of law at all.