“…as Mav said, they in no way preclude criminal investigations.”

I never said the preclude criminal investigations. However, I did say, and still believe, that they interfere with criminal investigations in a way that potentially interferes with the rights of the accused, the accuser, or both.

“…that does not affect any potential criminal investigation in any way.”

And again, I agree that this is true in theory, but I do not believe it is true in practice. At a bare minimum, a finding of guilt or innocence will be raised by the appropriate counsel in a trial. And other factors can also influence a potential investigation or trial in ways that simply aren’t fair to one or both parties (see the example I gave above).

Of course, none of that answers the question of whether my interpretation or Mav’s is right on the Obama policy, but I’m not sure if you (or anyone on this thread) has the information to know for sure on that.