Then let’s examine #2. From her perspective, the current system violates the rights of the accuser and the accused. She said as much during her press conference. Why shouldn’t she “blow the whole thing up?” If the policy violates Constitutional rights, in her opinion, and she has the power to end it, why should she allow it to last even a single day longer than necessary.

Like I said, that is where I agree on principle. Where I disagree is that I would institute a replacement policy (I think she hinted that she might, too *shudders*). But even if I couldn’t institute a replacement policy (for reasons of political red tape that I am not familiar with), if I were in her position, I’d definitely lean towards “blow the whole thing up” too, just because I have major concerns with violating due process rights.

All of the above, though, definitely is conditional on my understanding being correct of how Title IX was executed under Obama regulations (which could potentially be far off the mark).