Vic: “Those are all relevant questions.”

Those are all relevant questions to you, because you don’t know the answers. That doesn’t mean the answers aren’t well researched and documented. It just means that you are uneducated on the topic.

We know that the problem of police officers killing and assaulting black people in higher numbers is consistent throughout the country. We know the problem also stays consistent regardless of income level and social status of the black person. We know that the problem is consistent across all types police interactions, whether or not the black person is armed, and whether or not the black person is eventually found guilty of a crime.

The evidence is overwhelming. You just haven’t seen it, therefore you are claiming it doesn’t exist or that it hasn’t been studied carefully enough. There is no kind way to say this. You are provably wrong.

Those questions have been asked, countless times. The answers have been uncovered, countless times. The answers are consistent. When ALL other factors are taken into account, black people are assaulted and killed by police officers in excess of white people.

There is no debate that you can reasonably give other than “I choose to believe otherwise, despite all evidence.”