Chris Maverick What was my argument?

“They are all bad”.

What was my reasoning?

“What I said is that they were all bad guys, which they are. Nothing in that statement is contradicted in the “facts” you have presented.

All of their ideology is flawed, based on misinformation and prejudice. That’s a fact. They all use fear mongering and violence as a means of intimidation. That’s a fact. And they all use the narrative of victim hood to garner support. Again, fact.

None of them are good for this country. None of them are even good for the people they claim to be trying to protect or empower. Hence, none of them are “good”.”

No stats, no numbers. I disagree with their ideology, ALL of their ideologies. That is a direct response to the position presented in your post, one good, the other bad.

And I am not arguing the process of statistical analysis. That is what you have done. What I did was present raw(albeit average) numbers in regards to the scope of the “problem”.

Overstatement of a problem is not a good means to finding a solution. And can often times actually make the situation worse(which has been the case in regards to BLM and the premise that the police are the enemy of black people). That’s bad. It creates an atmosphere of mistrust, which is extremely dangerous considering how many black homicides there are in this country. A higher number than the amount attributed to the police.

You are so hell bent on discounting my “stats”, you have ignored my initial response, and subsequently my point.

Movements based on race, regardless of the initial intent are divisive by nature. Not inclusive. That’s “bad”.

You said they were good. The basis of that assessment was their founding principle in comparison to the founding principles of other groups that are “bad”.

I did not dispute that as their foundation. Or the foundation of the other groups. I am not arguing that the KKK or the Nazis are “good”.

I am not even arguing that the premise of “don’t kill us” is “bad”.

BLM good, KKK bad.

That is the position taken in your post.

I disagree. But I am not arguing to what degree, or even in defense of one group over another.