Vic: “400 vs 3 Million is straightforward. That is roughly how serious the problem is. Some people will still think that “too many”. Some won’t. But at least it presents the argument from a very clear position. Which IMO makes addressing the actual problem a lot easier.”

No, you aren’t presenting straightforward numbers. You are trying to hide the meaningful problem in statistical noise by using irrelevant numbers.

It is the job of police officers to kill roughly 250 – 300 black people a year. Literally, if they are correctly doing their job, roughly that many black people will be killed by police officers. And, that is okay, because we as a society deem that killing those people is better for society in general.

The problem is that the police are actually killing roughly 400 black people a year. Those are the meaningful numbers: number of expected kills vs. number of actual kills.

And the fact that police officers are killing black people roughly 40% more than they should means they are failing at their job spectacularly.

For comparison, imagine your job is to make food for a restaurant. You make food to order, so you are supposed to make precisely the meals that everyone asks for. But, for some reason, by the end of the year, even though only 300 people ordered tiramisu, you made 400. Even though you made potentially millions of meals, your boss will be angry at you for making 100 extra orders of tiramisu for absolutely no reason. You wasted food. You wasted time. You wasted money.

The job of police officers is similar. It is their job to kill people occasionally (very very rarely). There are very specific circumstances when they are supposed to do it and ONLY those circumstances. However, when it comes to black people, they are killing at other times as well and that is a problem, even if they are doing all of their other jobs (writing citations, arresting people, taking reports, walking patrols, etc.) correctly.