Stephanie Siler

” Also, another key part of the black lives matter movement is to try to hold police officers accountable for their killings and other violent behaviors, which very very rarely happens.”

Police killing innocents “very rarely happens”. So using that as the basis of a social movement which is causing more social unrest is not a “good” thing. Especially in regards to the black community. They are the biggest danger to themselves, not the police.

“Statistically more significant” is precisely why I used the raw data. That approach to analyzing these issues is extremely disingenuous and misleading as that could mean many things to many people.

400 vs 3 Million is straightforward. That is roughly how serious the problem is. Some people will still think that “too many”. Some won’t. But at least it presents the argument from a very clear position. Which IMO makes addressing the actual problem a lot easier.