Chris Maverick Busy weekend…

“If one single innocent black guy was killed by police and we knew for a fact he was the only one, they could still make the rhetorical claim that “too many are being killed. Please stop killing us.”

You could have stopped right there. The post was titled “BLM Good, KKK Bad…” It wasn’t about numbers, which is why:

My response was, “they are all bad guys”.

Nothing in your post proves the title to be true. That is your opinion. You believe that one is good and the other is bad. I disagree. You used their founding principles as the basis for your assessment.

“For the record… the KKK are bad guys. Also… the Nazis are bad guys. #BLM are the good guys. I just want that to be clear.”

That is, as stated above, an opinion.

You wrote an op-ed, I responded with a counter opinion(all of 5 words), and you decided to tell me that I was wrong. Then you attempted to use semantics to present your opinion as something else, the truth. I disputed that with a counter argument. Explaining exactly what I found distasteful in regards to BLM and the damage I feel it has caused. No ambiguity there. Yet you persisted in trying to convince me that I was wrong, even though you were making a claim that was wholly subjective in nature.

“What you’re trying to prove is that the chance of dying of measles is insignificant (overstated) and therefore not worth vaccinating over. That’s a different statement. ”

No. What I said(I don’t need to prove anything, nothing either of us stated was actually false), was that BLM is predicated on a lie. The idea that black people are in imminent danger from the police.

Regardless of what is stated as their founding principle. The movement has been used to push the idea that blacks are being hunted, that the police are out of control, and that immediate action must be taken.

This has been used to create social unrest, justify violence, and divide our country further through racism. That is not saying that all BLM members are bad, or that they all want the same thing, or that black lives don’t matter. But the movement is just as destructive as any other hate group as it uses race as a justification for action. That’s racist. The fact that they are a minority does not eliminate their responsibility. Lot’s of divisive movements started small. They are a danger, and they have no more place in our society than the KKK or the fucking Nazi’s.

“The key point here is that you’re saying “I would say” that’s why significance matters. for YOUR argument you need actual statistics. You’ve just arbitrarily decided that 1/3 is important to you as opposed to .01% not being. But you just decided. ”

Yes, and you arbitrarily decided that BLM Good, KKK Bad. I didn’t respond to you to profess my knowledge of statistics. I made a statement of opinion in response to your statement of opinion. I then backed up my opinion with data in regards to the actual number of people who encounter the police vs those that are killed. YOU and the rest of the crew decided that was not allowed. That you somehow needed to prove me wrong, yet you ignored pretty much every aspect of my position. My point in regards to the 1 Million vs 400, was that 1 million people dying is a lot. 400 is not AS COMPARED TO THE TOTAL WHO GET ARRESTED. I could have made an argument based on black on black deaths, or the likelihood of a black person being hit by a car, whatever. I didn’t. I spoke directly to the premise of the movement and presented real numbers as support.

“But I do know that I can say “1 person every four years is too many.” Which is what I said in my argument. Yours requires math. Mine doesn’t.”

My argument was, “no it isn’t too many”. That doesn’t require any more math than yours. It’s a subjective as well.

I don’t recall any numbers in “they are all bad”. Or in my initial assessment of the group. YOU decided that wasn’t good enoungh, and as such I introduced the average year after year numbers into the mix as support of my opinion. To which you decided to change the argument, by making it about the frequency of one group over another.

“And before you can even do that you have to know what percentage of those populations is arrested in the first place compared to reported crime and what percentage of reported crime is occurs in accordance to the population as a percentage of the population whole. It’s not a simple math problem which is why it doesn’t actually work the way you are claiming. ”

I would need to do that if I were making the point about one groups deaths vs another. However when looking at black people as a singular group, and BLM as a group who’s premise is please don’t kill us, how many Mexicans get shot is irrelevant. If you wanted to do that type of breakdown, there are a lot of other factors other than race that would have to be considered.

But that’s not what was said. That wasn’t the point. And you know this.

“police are killing too many innocent black people. Please stop killing us.”

That is what you presented as the foundation of BLM. Does that say, “too many blacks vs whites”? Does that say “too many blacks per reported crime”? No. It is a generalized statement in regards to black people being killed by cops. It is purposefully vague as to obfuscate the truth about the current situation between police and black people.

In discussing that statement. How many black people encounter police vs how many get shot is exteremely relevant. In fact, it’s about the only stat that IS relevant to their formation. How many IS “too many”. If you believe 1 is “too many”, that is a valid opinion. So is “more black people get killed by other black people than by police”, or “more black people get killed in car accidents than by police”.

If it is to be addressed, the frequency with which it occurs is kind of important. UNLESS, it happens so infrequently as to not justify the movement. There aren’t many people who would say that one life isn’t “too many” when it comes to innocents being killed. But I would guess there aren’t too many people who think that .000X% of the time equates to the national crisis that has been presented.

“There. No insults. Just facts on how the math works.”