I get that you disagree. You’re wrong. Lots of people agree with you. They’re wrong too. This isn’t an opinion thing. It’s a sociology and history thing.

The reason is you don’t actually understand the cultural history you’re trying cling to. You even said it earlier “it’d be different if they were doing the peaceful protests like MLK did in the 60s.”

That’s ignorance. In the 60s MLK was a target of the FBI. He was beaten and thrown I jail. Every notable protest in the civil rights era was illegal. Most of them were far more violent than the ones you see today. WAY more people died than have today. And in very brutal ways. Those who didn’t die were often beaten by the police, shot with fire hoses or lynched by the klan. There were black panthers and Nation of Islam who made what you think of as the “BLM hate group” look like choir children. And the two most popular civil rights leaders… the only two you probably know the name of, GOT shot for their troubles. MLK did a lot for civil rights. But his greatest contribution by far was getting shot in the fucking head.

All of that mattered. That was the civil rights movement in a nutshell. So yeah…. it’s not what you think. They just don’t teach you that in grade school because it kinda makes white people not look so good. It’s distasteful. So instead you hear a couple speeches and a sanitized version of “MLK was assassinated” and “everyone lived happily ever after. ”

That’s NOT what happened.

Cultural Change comes through pain. Disruption. And often death. It is slow and painful.

As I pointed out. There was a peaceful BLM march in the city you live in yesterday. You didn’t know anything about it. It didn’t affect your life at all. And you won’t remember it.

You sure as fuck remember ferguson though.