And the point of this post is if your reaction to the statement “black lives matter” is anything other than “yes” or “ok” then you are part of the problem.

You wouldn’t do that for an non race issue. “Mining conditions are awful. Please give us protection. Miner’s lives matter”

Hell. There is like one major school shooting every year or two. And our reaction is to put up metal detectors, install security guards, and give every teacher active shooter training. Because “student lives matter”

Hundreds of black men are shot by police every year. And the reaction is “yes but…”

Like I said in an earlier thread if a random person walks up to you on the street and says “please don’t shoot me” and your answer is anything but “ok” then you’re being an asshole.

If someone walks up to you and says “please don’t shoot me” and you say “but…” then pretty much anything that comes next is a problem. That’s what you’re doing now.