Right… as Jameel just said. I understand your viewpoint.

And yes, I understand where you’re going with “well here’s why White people think that BLM is a hate group.” I just wasn’t talking about that here. Sometimes I do. Hell, I’ve linked to posts in the comments here where I have.

But I understand why white people think that. In fact, I can probably explain it way better than you can. Beyond that, I know the sociocultural factors that go into making you think that. Cultural Hegemony, Cultural Backlash, Intersectionality between issues of culture, race and gender. Conflicting factors of systemic racism with classism through capitalist and marxist structures and economic, social and cultural norms. Patriarchal norms established from the move to agricultural society from hunter gathering thousands of years ago. Gender and sex being commonly misunderstood and building out from all of that. Natural human psychological tendency towards fear of “The Other.” Socialized human tendency in hierarchical societies to maintain that structure through the establishment of lower castes to insure the maintenance of your own caste. Cultural and textual structures that reflect and sometimes enhance these problems. I spend every day of my life thinking about these issues. It’s not simple. It’s not easy. And I don’t expect it to just go away.

But I never said it was. I never said it was your fault. All I said was “here are the differences between these three groups. Use it to explain when anyone ever questions you on it. They probably won’t listen. But here you go so you can try anyway.”

Those are the only claims I made there…. actually, I made one more. I said I was publicly accepting YOUR apology. You specifically. I even commended you for having the courage to make it.

So that’s it. I made just those claims…. “Here is what BLM means. Please don’t kill us.” And you didn’t listen to that. Instead, you jumped to justifying why they were bad. You jumped to why it shouldn’t exist by pointing to things that sort of seem related in your mind, but actually aren’t.

Your insistence on adding to that is exactly what places you in that 20-30% group. I mean, yes, that’s better than being in the top 5% group where I was placing you before. But it still places you in that group.

You want to take race out of it. But you can’t. And here is why. (You even answered the question yourself.) You get very upset when black people say “please don’t kill us” but you are not at all upset about construction workers asking for better safety regulations. That’s the difference you need to ponder. No one ever ever ever complains when construction workers, or chemical factory workers, or teachers, or COPS ask for better protection from the dangers of their jobs. If someone asks for better safety regulation at a construction site. The answer is “we will send an investigator to look into it and see what we can do.” It is not victim blaming. These are people asking for better protection from the dangers of their LIVES. And your gut reaction is to say “never mind that… But what about the 3 (out of tens or hundreds of thousands) black people who have killed police in the name of BLM at rallies? And what about about these other black people who are murdering police in unrelated incidents? And what about all the black people who murder each other? And really, don’t you think Tamir Rice was partly to blame?”