Chris Maverick, I have already stated that I agree with your original but narrow premise. Yes the stated purpose of BLM is good while that of the Nazis is bad. But you also asked why 20 to 30 percent of whites don’t see it that way. You believe the burning of Ferguson was justified. Do you think that 20 to 30 percent does FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE? In the last post, I changed my perspective. I asked “Could a black person rightly expect justice walking into a courthouse with a confederate statue in front?” I said no, and believed it was harmful to our country. And changed my view. So ask yourself, could a white person who has never had a bad run in with police view the riots in Baltimore and be sympathetic to the cause of BLM? Compare it to the civil rights movement of the 60 s with a nonviolent approach that Americans like me could easily see who the good guys were.