I didn’t ask. I just stated it. And for the record I actually totally just made those numbers up (which I admitted). It’s probably the weakest part of my argument, though no one ever questioned it.

I actually know why it is… but that’s a sociology/cultural theory argument. This article was just about historic ideology. Nothing more. I actually paid very careful attention to what I was doing in order to focus it.

I could get into the causes of tribalism and indentity politics and cultural hegemony and all the things that go into causing systemic racism to happen. But that’s a book… not a Facebook post and people would have been bored by it and I wouldn’t have gotten the reach that I did with this. Which is what I was going for.

So I met my goal.

You on the other hand aren’t countering the main thesis of the argument. It’s because you really can’t. I made a simple statement that’s pretty irrefutable. “#BLM is fundamentally based on the idea that people would not like to be killed” and “KKK is fundamentally based on the idea of killing people.” That’s it.

Because you can’t really refute that claim you’re doing what’s called strawmanning. You’re adding additional claims to my argument that you think you can refute. Most of them I have answers for. Which I have done. But it doesn’t actually matter, because even if I didn’t have answers for them. I never said those things.

Really, your best claim was the crane example. And I turned that around quite simply to show you why the logic you’re using against #BLM is faulty.

But lets return to your “But people do it on their behalf” argument. And the problem is it doesn’t matter. Again, I return to the Columbine example. It doesn’t matter what the Columbine shooters believed or were into. That was not the fault of the WWE, Rockstar Games or London Fog.

I’ll look at another one. John Hinkley Jr., a white man, shot president Reagan on behalf of Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster never asked him to. Jodie Foster was not pro-president killing. Jodie Foster didn’t actually have a damn thing to do with the situation. Stephanie Siler is a huge Jodie Foster fan. She did not shoot president Reagan. And I’ve not done a survey or anything, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the vast majority of Jodie Foster fans have never shot a US President.

BUT, by your logic anyone who says Silence of the Lambs is their favorite movie is immediately suspect.