“Because “please don’t shoot me” is not a solution. It would be like me going to a shipyard and saying “please don’t drop a steel beam on me”. Instead, I ensure cranes are rigged properly, safety barriers are set etc.”

Bingo!!! Dude, you’re almost getting it!!!!

No one said “Please don’t shoot me” is a solution. It’s a request. It’s asking for people to work to make sure they don’t shoot you. It’s asking for the things Dana has been talking about…

Now, take your example. If you come to my construction site and say “please don’t drop a steel beam on me” I say “you’re good dude. I have this crane secured. We had the safety inspector in here yesterday. We’re working to be as safe as we can. But, since you’re here, make sure you grab one of those hard hats over there… just in case.” No one ever says “Fuck you, what about all the people who drop steel beams on cranes? You ever think about that, asshole? And no, we don’t want to put up safety barriers because you ought to have the sense to respect the crane. Now get the fuck out…. oh shit, did I just drop a pipe on you? ehhh…. accidents happen… I mean, its only fourth time this month. And it’s 20th… so think about the 16 days we didn’t drop a pipe on someone!”

Because that’s the difference here. YOU are saying that you’re more worried about the cranes than you are about the people waking around beneath them. Only in the case of police and cops, there are no safety barriers… its more like the crane just kinda follows me around.