Let me ask you this. And this goes back up to the stats analysis in Vic Carter’s comments above…. are you trying to argue that white people are just as likely to be killed by police as black men? Because they aren’t. Hell….. not even black women are as likely to be killed by police as black men. Black men are statistically MUCH more likely to be killed by police in this country than anyone else.

That’s a big deal… why? Because 1)it’s not fair. It’s indicative of a problem that needs to be worked on. 2) because I’m a black guy who doesn’t even own a gun and kinda wants to not be shot for no apparent reason.

Again… I’m not saying all cops are bad people. YOU brought that in… I’m not saying I’m against cops. I’m actually very very very pro-cop… I said that a long time ago… Anyone who voluntarily takes the job of “go outside, patrol the streets and be willing to get shot on my behalf” gets my gratitude. I’m all for it.

The only statement I… or the #BLM movement is making is “please don’t shoot me!” Like… That’s my only request here. Why is the answer to “please don’t shoot me” anything other than “Ok.” Like even if I were secretly planning to shoot you… If you said that, I’d still like and say “Ok.”

And yet, every time black people say “please don’t shoot me” you seem to come back with “Yeah, but…”