No…. I got it… I understand what you said. I’m saying all of that doesn’t matter. You’re in effect doing what Trump did. Saying there is “blame on many sides…. many sides…”

What I’m saying is exactly what Jessi said. It doesn’t matter if the cops got bad information. It doesn’t matter if Tamir Rice even had a real gun. They jumped out of a moving vehicle to shoot what turned out to be an unarmed child.

Since you’re asking me what *I* (MAV SPECIFICALLY) thinks should have happened. They should have driven up and told him to freeze and put his hands in the air. IF he then pulled out his gun and shot one of the cops then the other one should have shot him. This is specifically why there are two of them. Of course, this couldn’t happen because HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAVE A GUN.

So the only things that could have happened in my case is that 1) Tamir Rice freezes and he puts his hands in the air. And Tamir Rice is alive today. 2) Tamir Rice, (a confused 12 year old boy) turns around and runs because two cops just jumped out at him and the cops chase him and maybe he gets away and maybe he doesn’t but it doesn’t matter because no one gets shot because he has no gun and Tamir Rice is still alive today.

Either of those are better. In my situation, at the end of the day, the worst case scenario is that you end up with a dead cop. And yeah, that sucks. But to your earlier point… you said it is outrageous that I feel this way. And fine… you don’t agree. But since you are so intent on trying to take race out of it… Yes, I am without a doubt saying that I prefer 100 dead policeman to one dead unarmed 12 year old. Yes… I just do… I’m sorry you think I’m a bad person because I am pro-live-unarmed-12-year-olds.

as to your other comment:

“And this is the problem. The narrative isn’t “These are tragic accidents, how can we prevent them”, it is ” police are shooting us because they are bad people”. ”

No…. The problem is that the narrative IS “You’re shooting too many innocent black people. Please stop shooting us.” YOU are HEARING “police are shooting us because they are bad people.” That’s the “white privilege” thing that you keep saying you think doesn’t exist. You hearing the thing that bothers you because you aren’t affected by the thing that they’re complaining about.

And by the way… in this case specifically… Tamir Rice. Yeah, I’m perfectly willing to say that that cop shout that poor kid because “the cop was a bad person.” And it turns out, that’s the case in a lot of these cases… Which is why Dana argued for those things in the first place.